The Riverbank Professionals App – The Features, the Benefits, and More

The Riverbank Professionals App – The Features, the Benefits, and More

Life’s entirely different when you’re out on the waters. Whether you’re a captain, tankerman, or deckhand, it’s a lifestyle you must earn and choose.

Those dark nights with only certain tools and instincts to guide you, those forty-plus barge tows that you must build hard down, or those calls to docks with one wrong valve unturned can result in a catastrophe – it feels surreal the amount of responsibility we have.

Those who’ve never worked in our industry might not see it, but we’re the backbone of America. Without our hard work and commitment, this country falls. Plenty of educated individuals out on these waters don’t mind doing the extra work because we are this job.

We handle business throughout these waterways.

Unfortunately, finding that extra work for what you’re worth has become incredibly challenging, especially during this economic recession. Maritime companies need us to keep these boats crewed and are willing to pay a reasonable price.

If only there were a solution that could:

  • Solve these problems of an experienced tow boater trying to locate work
  • Help these companies locate those crew members
  • Get those tied-up vessels making  money

As a captain, I know we don’t come to others with problems, only solutions. So, please welcome Riverbank Professionals App.

But what exactly will the app do? And how will it benefit users?

We’re writing this blog to answer these and many other questions. So, make sure to read it until the end. This way, when the app is launched, you’ll waste no time using it to benefit yourself throughout the Merchant Marine industry.

The Riverbank Professionals App Features

The Riverbank Professionals App will have outstanding features you won’t find all in one place. We’re adding them keeping your specific requirements in mind. We conducted thorough research to understand what clients want from our platform, and that’s precisely what we’ll deliver over time. 

1. Top-Level Security

At Riverbank Professionals, we’re significantly concerned about our clients’ privacy. We thoroughly understand your concerns while providing confidential data, such as company details or personal information.

That’s why this app will have the highest quality security measures to prevent cybercriminals from stealing or accessing your details.

  • SSL Security Layers
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Limited Failed Login Attempts
  • Password Encryption
  • Timely Password Change Policy

2. Multiple User Roles

Another Riverbank Pro App feature worth mentioning is that it’ll have multiple user roles and dashboards through which the users will be able to perform different tasks.

  • Application Users
  • Companies
  • Examiners
  • Admin
  • Super Admin

3. Easy-To-Navigate Interface

Whether you register on the Riverbank Professionals App as a crewmember or marine company, you’ll find it simple and easy to navigate. The credit goes to our highly skilled developers, who use cutting-edge technology for your convenience.

  • Less loading time
  • Fast processing
  • Seamless integration
  • Real-time maritime data
  • Shipping operations management

Benefits of the Riverbank Professionals App

For Crewmembers

We’ve already mentioned that the biggest advantage of using the Riverbank Professionals App for crewmembers will be finding employment whenever needed.

But that’s not all our platform will offer.

We’re building it for tow boaters to assist in communicating with potential hazards amongst these waterways. The platform will also pinpoint announcements and request knowledgeable assistance from whoever uses the app.

In addition, the Riverbank Professionals App will highlight valuable information from companies to assist in safer travels and much more. 

You will also be able to renew your Coast Guard License by following a simple procedure that includes:

  • Receiving a notification when your Coast Guard License is about to expire
  • Confirming your information and providing additional details
  • Filing paperwork and scheduling a Coast Guard Physical with the closest physician
  • Signing the paperwork and sending it to us
  • Paying the required amount, after which we’ll send the documents to you
  • Receiving updates regarding the Coast Guard License renewal process

When we’ve gathered all the files, and they’re ready to be sent, we’ll email you a tracking number and charge you for the service. The process will be restarted when six months are left to renew your licenses or other documents.

For Marine Companies

For marine companies, one of the significant challenges is finding the right people for the right job, and even when they do, the crewmembers’ work leaves a lot to be desired.

Fortunately, you’ll be able to check ride and save competent crewmembers, determine whom you trust, and give your badge through our app. You’ll also be able to explore crewmembers’ profiles and learn all about them.

Once you’ve gathered relevant information, you’ll be able to make a well-informed decision. If this crew member doesn’t have your badge, see how many badges they’ve earned. It may help you crew that boat that needs someone immediately.

At this point, you might think, “How can I make sure the crewmember I’m hiring has proper credentials or if they’re even the right person for the job?”

We’ve thought of that, too.

All you’ll have to do is enter job-related details, and you’ll be good to go. That includes:

  • Job title, detailed description, and image (if possible)
  • Years of experience required
  • Skills the candidate must possess
  • Education level
  • Certifications the candidate must have
  • Number of available positions
  • Location where the candidate will be working

Once you’ve provided the details, activate the job and either start examining the candidates’ profiles or let them come to you and state their prices. After the agreed-upon hitch and payment is accepted, any information you need in your files will be delivered to you instantly.

Who the Riverbank Professionals App Is For:

We’re developing the Riverbank Professionals App specifically for:

  • Maritime companies
  • Crewmembers 

Tasks Crewmembers Will Be Able to Perform

Crewmembers will be able to sign up on our platform as a:

  • Deckhand
  • Tankerman
  • Steersman
  • Mate Pilot
  • Master
  • D.E.

Once they make an account and all credentials are verified, crew members will be able to:

  • Check weather updates
  • Apply for Authentic Profile
  • Examine tides and currents
  • Explore routes and waterways
  • Find nearby vessels
  • Look at charts and maps
  • Pull out various trips details
  • Chat with nearby captains (for Captains only)

And do much more.

Tasks Maritime Companies Will Be Able to Perform

Apart from crewmembers, there’s a lot about the Riverbank Professionals App that marine companies will find immensely helpful. Using our app, they’ll be able to:

  • Manage profiles
  • Add logos
  • Provide general and business information
  • Share details about fleets
  • Manage the number of employees
  • Upload images to the gallery

Tasks Examiners Will Be Able to Perform

To perform certain tasks, crewmembers and companies will require the help of an Examiner, added by an Administrator. They are responsible for:

  • Checking users’ profiles
  • Verifying user-provided information
  • Authorizing users


Frequently Asked Questions

How will the Riverbank Professionals App solve my pain points?

The Riverbank Professionals App will make finding work easy for captains, deckhands, and tankermen. It’ll also alert you when your Coast Guard License is about to expire. On the other hand, our app will assist maritime companies in keeping their boats crewed at all times.

Can I get an ETA on when the Riverbank Pro App will be launched?

At Riverbank Professionals, we’re working day and night to perfect our app’s features. Because of this, we’re unable to disclose the official launch date of the Riverbank Pro App. However, once it’s launched, the wait will be worth it – you can take our word for it. To keep yourself updated, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

From where will I be able to access the Riverbank Professionals App?

Since our app is compatible with Android and Apple, you’ll be able to download and access the Riverbank Professionals App anytime and anywhere you are. All it requires is a stable internet or mobile connection to function properly.