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The Riverbank Professionals App has multiple dashboards for companies, crewmembers, and examiners. It’s equipped with excellent features that make your search simple, easy, and hassle-free. From checking weather updates to applying for an authentic profile, learning about tides and finding nearby vessels, everything’s at your fingertips.

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For Crewmembers

Find Work When You Need It

Crewmembers register on our app as a captain, tankerman, seafarer, and mariner to view maritime shipping companies’ profiles. Instead of waiting for days or weeks to get your payment, it’ll be transferred to you immediately. Apart from this, our app:

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For Examiners

What Examiners Do

Added by the Admin, Examiners perform many tasks. Mostly, however, they revolve around verifying the authenticity of the users and crewmembers. Once a user requests profile authenticity, Examiners:

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For Companies

Hire Crew Members Instantly

If you’re searching for crewmembers, our app can ease your burdens. All you have to do is post the job requirements and explore user profiles once crewmembers start applying. This way, you can keep your vessel crewed at all times. In addition, you can:

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A First-Of-Its-Kind App

Our app is groundbreaking – as in, there’s no other app working on the same business model. Regardless of your location, you can access it with just a click. Since we have genuine respect for your privacy, we’ve used advanced security measures to keep your data safe. All in all, it has never been easier for crewmembers to get hired when they’re not working and marine companies to hire the right people for the right job.

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